45163 Restoration Group


Archived news from 2014


November 2014

The first of the two mechanical lubricators now refurbished and mounted on the frames.


The last of the bufferbeam rivets flushed off and primed, the next job here is to start running
the vacuum pipework.


The last of the rivets now fitted to the bufferbeam and just waiting to be flushed off. We also
had a trial fit of some of the front running plate and just couldn't resist placing one of the front
headlamps for the photo.


October 2014

We have now completed riveting the front frame stretcher into place, Toby was in charge of
the rivet fire, practicing his firing skills.


John and Tony were under the frames inserting the rivet and getting the holder up into place
with Lawrence poised on the rivet gun to knock it down.


Lawrence knocking down one of the new rivets holding the front frame stretcher and the running
plate support angle.


Another rivet completed and still hot.


September 2014

We have now taken delivery of our connecting rod forgings. The small rectangular block sitting
on top at the left hand end is to make a Union Link. This along with the connecting rods
finally gives us a complete set of motion, when they have been machined.


A new section has been welded into the front frame stretcher to replace a badly corroded
area. The next job is to get this rivetted in.


The saddle now rivetted in and the repaired front frame stretcher all bolted up awaiting rivetting.


July 2014

The commencement of connecting rod forgings with heating the billets at Somers Forge.


Moving to the press for forging to commence.


Manipulating into the press.


The first blows.



Starting to take some shape.



Starting to define the big end.


Further shaping around the big end.


Big end defined on all four sides.




Video of the main length of the rod being worked down.


Working down the rod.


The finished forging.


March 2014

The saddle now finally back in the frames and bolted up ready for rivetting.


The repaired saddle now back in the frames, the front frame stretcher next after a few repairs to it.


The front frame stretcher after a coat of primer.


The front frame stretcher after shotblasting.


The front frame stretcher is now being prepared as it needs to be fitted back in the frames
at the same time as the saddle. This is it before any work started.


The bogie frame stretcher freshly painted whilst it is easily accesible before the new saddle
is fitted inside the frames.


February 2014

A pair of return cranks and eccentric rods as well as a drop link just acquired moving us
one step closer to a full set of motion.


The outside all cleaned up and primed now and the running plate support angle above
bolted in place ready for rivetting.


The inside after cleaning up and ready for painting, you can just see a lighter line where
the weld is.


January 2014

Welding completed and strongbacks removed, the white paint is from the NDT testing of the welds.


Welding completed and cylinder mounting holes drilled in the new plate from our drill jig
just forward of the front cutout.