45163 Restoration Group


Archived news from 2015


December 2015

Lawrence looking very pleased with himself after having drilled almost half of the 54 holes
and having fitted temporary bolts.


Lawrence all poised to start drilling the first hole.


The drilling arrangement, suspending a mag drill off the forklift with an electric winch for
easy vertical positioning.


The new smokebox door ring now fitted inside the new smokebox barrel and all marked out
ready for drilling. The angle inside is temporarily tacked across the inside of the ring so that
we had something to lift it from to get it in place. The two blocks temporarily tacked on the
inside on the far side provide a register to sit it on ensuring it sits in the right position in the
end of the smokebox barrel.


The left hand cylinder block on the horizontal borer part way through machining.


The faces for the valve and cylinder covers have been faced up on both ends.


Front end of the cylinder valve and main bore faces cleaned up.


November 2015

Although new cylinder covers were cast and machined some time ago we have only just
taken delivery and have now given them a protective coat of paint.


One of the cylinders in the foreground and associated components seen on the pallet in
the background all securely wrapped up ready for sending off for machining. They finally
went away to Ian Riley's in mid November.


One of the cylinders securely strapped to a pallet with steel banding prior to wrapping for
transport to be machined.


The new smokebox liner shotblasted and being prepared for a coat of paint.


The new smokebox door ring after shotblasting to remove the mill scale and primed ready
for assembly into the new smokebox.


October 2015

The new smokebox barrel after a coat of BR spec anti-corrosive primer.


The new smokebox barrel after shotblasting.


August 2015

One of the cylinders being prepared ready to go away for machining.


On 29th July 2015 45163 celebrated her 80th birthday so an appropriate celebration
complete with cake was held on Sunday 2 August 2015. Also note fron trunning plates
and steps on both sides now all in place.


The 80th birthday celebration cake before the volunteers present on the day got hold of it.


July 2015

Fireman's side front running plate also now finally fitted along with the front step on this side.


Front centre running plate finally fitted after all the areas that will become inaccessible
after fitting have had final top coats of paint.


Hex Head Bolts turned down to bacome dome head for thd rop down section of running
plate either side at the front and for attaching the valance angle at either end of the front
buffer beam.


May 2015

Front running plates are now fitting nicely after considerable remedial work and the front
vacuum pipework has been made and trial fitted.


Trial fit of the new mechanical lubricator drive rod prior to painting.


Further progress on the lubrication system, the atomiser now mounted in the frames.


Work has started on the cylinder drain cocks, the valves are complete and work is about to start
on the main bodies.