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From time to time we are approached to undertake contract engineering work. Whilst it dilutes our effort working on 45163 it does provide a valuable additional source of income. On this page we have described some of the work we have undertaken most recently, both for interest and to inform anyone looking for engineering repairs or machining to illustrate our capabilities. If you want to enquire about this service please send an e-mail to the address shown on our contact page.


We were recently approached to repair an irreplaceable part for the kick start of a rare Garelli Monaco scooter, see below.


The broken parts.


The larger part was machined to accept a new turned part to replace the piece that had snapped off.


The two parts screwed together prior to welding.


Another Garelli Monaco Scooter restored by the customer.


Graphic 7

One of our regular customers is Traditional Traction Limited who provide short and long term contract hire/lease of Class 08 diesel shunters to rail freight operators and marshalling yards. We provide a fitter on an ad-hoc basis to assist their own engineer with some of the servicing and maintenance tasks on 08 shunters that they supply to Felixstowe Docks as well as machining and repair services for various parts.


A coupling rod bearing prepared for white metalling. The bearing shell is in the mould on the left
with the white metal being heated in the pot on the right.


Here the white metal has been poured into the mould and is cooling. It will then be broken out
of the mould and go for machining. We have renewed a complete set of coupling rod bearings
for one 08 and cast and machined a set of big end bearings for the engine of another 08.


Graphic 7

Another of our customers was the Epping Ongar Railway who urgently required some missing and damaged parts manufacturing for the
safety valves on their Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0 saddle tank Locomotive, Isabel.


On the right you can see where the top has broken off one of the safety valve spindles and
the new one we made is shown on the left.


An original safety valve cap and test lever shown on the right with the new ones manufactured
by 45163 Ltd on the left.