45163 Restoration Group


Archived news from 2009


After the steps had been trial assembled the treadplates were removed to add the tread. This was
to be done by fitting shallow head rivets to the plates which would just be countersunk on the bottom
face. Above is the drill jig used and the first treadplate drilled with pilot holes.


There are a number of clips required for pipework and we only had one original seen in the foreground
above. Therefore we made a press tool seen on the right with one of the new clips still in it and a batch
of clips we manufactured on the left. These clips are for two pipes, there are others required for single
and other mutltiples of pipes. We shall therefore be making further batches in the future. If anyone needs
any for their project please contact us and we will be happy to quote to supply them.


An original gauge frame bottom and tail cock recently acquired.


We have started work on the refurbishment of our 12 feed Silvertown mechanical lubricator. The
pumps are all removed for inspection and repair as is the ratchet drive. When we acquired the lubricator it
was missing the lid but a new one has been cast in aluminium and is in the process of being fitted.


Here a new round inspection/access cover has been made and fitted to the vertical plate under
the reverser stand.


The backplate for one of the new front steps being painted following drilling for the treadplates.


The backplate for the new firemans side rear step being painted following drilling for the treadplates.



The drivers side rear step now fitted to the running plate with support bracketry. This was the only
original step that was still with the loco when we bought it.


The first sections of running plate being assembled under the cab on the drivers side. The curved
section is original but the flat section to the rear buffer beam has been replaced with new plate and you
can see where we have also had to weld a new section to the bottom of the vertical plate just behind
the reverser stand with one of the oil boxes trial fitted.


On the firemans side the running plate trial fitted, the flat section is a new piece of plate but the curved
section and wheel splasher are original. The oilbox for the trailing horn guides has been fitted.


We have fabricated new covers for the rear axleboxes. All that we had remaining of the original was the
flange that bolts to the inside of the frames.


Oilbox fitted for the firemans side trailing horn guides.


We have started machining up all the unions for the steam heating pipework, here is the
first completed one.


The new guard irons now fitted to the bogie.


Guard irons for the bogie, one of these was missing altogether and the other one had
a section cut off it.


The new steps for the rear firemans side being trial assembled prior to shotblasting and painting,
at this stage the tread still has to be applied to the treadplates.


A recent acquisition has been a set of coupling rods. As can be seen these are the fluted design, 45163
was built with and ran all her life with the plain style rods. However with the difficulties of sourcing forgings
we decided to purchses these as it will at least get the engine running although it will not be authentic for
45163, the fluted rods being fitted to the later Black Fives. We do already have the rear half for a set of
plain rods but are missing the front half so if the opportunity arises to get some made we will then switch
them over at a later date.