45163 Restoration Group


Archived news form 2012


December 2012


The saddle now out of the frames with access to all positions with all joints being fully welded and the gusset plates being welded in.


November 2012


The saddle all tacked up and being removed from the frames in readiness for fully welding.


September 2012

The saddle mounted back in the frames with the new rear plate offered up ready for tack welding in place. After all the plates are tacked in place the saddle will be removed from the frames again to be fully welded and then heat treated. Note the centre hole for the steam supply to the exhaust injector has been omitted as we will be fitting two live steam injectors.


August 2012

Weld preps now put on ready for the new plates, damaged studs removed and other general repairs around holes completed.


A new pair of elbows for the engine/tender water hose connections after machining.


July 2012

The cut down part of the saddle that is to be re-used after shotblasting and priming


A new vacuum ejector has just been purchased which was the final part remaining to be sourced for the vacuum brake system.


June 2012

The smokebox saddle has suffered badly from corrosion in all the years at Barry, the top half was re-usable but all the bottom needs to be re-fabricated. This shows the top half cut away from the rotten bottom piece.