45163 Restoration Group


Archived news from 2011


The Fireman's side cylinder being offered up to check hole alignment following completion of
frame repairs to this side.


A refurbished damper control bracket trial fitted on it's bracket beneath the footplate.


The refurbished damper control gear now mounted on the footplate.


The new reverser tunnel fitted to the Driver's side running plates.


The wayshaft balancing spring and rod now fitted in the frames. The spring was originally a rectangular
section spring but round section springs were used for later renewals. We were unable to find a spring
manufacturer that could still produce a rectangular section spring.


This view showing both cab front pieces in place clearly shows the shape of the belpaire firebox on the boiler.


The reverser and reach rod and cab front on the Driver's side. These cab fronts were needed at this stage to
be able to assemble the reverser, as you can see the reach rod has to pass through this part of the cab.


The screw reverser now mounted on its stand with the reach rod connected up as well.


The Fireman's side cab section seen from the footplate.


One of the first sections of cab to be re-built and fitted on the Fireman's side.


We have finally dismantled what was left of the old cab and salvaged the parts to be re-used. This is the
beading that goes around the side windows, they have been shotblasted and primed ready for use
on the new cab.


The mating part to the water connection shown below, this mounts on a bracket beneath the engine rear dragbox.


A finished part of the engine/tender water connections.