45163 Restoration Group


Latest News

May 2019

The new top plate for the rear dragbox with blocks welded in at the mid points and the four
corners. The white spray is the developer from the die penetrant used to test the welds for
cracks before proceeding to continue the welding in the remaining positions. This view also
shows the four new rivets for the drawbar pin boss in the top plate.


This view of the underside of the bottom plate shows the steam brake bracket rivetted
to the underside of the new bottom plate..


This view shows inside the rear dragbox with the vertical webs no wall welded top and bottom
and the new rivett heads holding the steam brake bracket to the bottom plate.


March 2019

The new lubricator warming cock and bracket ready for mounting on the running plate.


The re-bushed drawbar casting bolted to the new top plate of the dragbox ready for riveting.


February 2019

The steam brake bracket that fits to the bottom of the dragbox had to be removed to replace
the dragbox and so has been shotblasted and had minor repairs completed. The internal
angles had to be removed and here they have been rivetted back on and with a coat of primer
it is all ready to be bolted up to the bottom of the new dragbox ready for rivetting back in place.


As we set up the shot blasting equipment to clean up the steam brake bracket, see above,
we took the opportunity to shot blast the chimney and give it a coat of primer.