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February 2021

Despite not being able to have any work parties at the moment work on 45163 has
continued. A set of new brake crossbeams have just been forged and machined, seen
here at Stephenson Engineering, where they were made.


The pattern makers at the Severn Valley Railway have been busy making patterns for some
parts we need. There are three of these tee pieces in the vacuum train pipe. We had one
complete one, one with a broken flange and one was missing so we need two new ones cast
from this pattern. The pattern is on the left and the corebox on the right. The piece made in
the corebox is placed in the mould to make the casting come out with a hole through it.


This is a pattern for the flange required to be brazed to the end of the pipes that will
attach to the tee pieces above.


These patterns make a left and right hand dust guard for the main driving axleboxes.


This is the finished pattern for the main body of the driving axlebox underkeeps, this has
turned out to be quite a complicated pattern as you will see from all the associated core
boxes in the following photos. A lot of thought must have gone into this by those clever
pattern makers at Bridgnorth, to work all this out.


The core box to form the inside top of the underkeep.


Core boxes for the filler plug.


The rest of the core boxes..